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Here at Agent Tech, we run world-class Digital Marketing campaigns that deliver results for our SME clients. Yes, I Want More Quality Leads!

What We Do

Here at Agent Tech, we are laser-focused on devising, implementing and managing Digital Marketing campaigns that drive high-quality leads to our clients, ripe for conversion into paying customers.

We generate outstanding results for SME clients across a broad range of industries, and our approach to each client’s campaign is tailored to suit the specific needs and aspects of their business.

We have the best clients in the world, and love seeing their businesses grow as we devise and implement their digital marketing campaigns.

World Class Digital Marketing.

Our Process


The best digital marketing strategies in the world will achieve nothing if they are not tailored to your particular business.

At Agent Tech, we know that the foundation of any successful digital campaign is a through analysis of your business and its objectives.

For each and every one of our clients, we undertake a comprehensive review of their business, market, competitors, current marketing strategies and future commercial objectives.

This analysis provides us with a deep understanding of our clients and what they are seeking to achieve, and sets an excellent foundation to move into the strategy phase.


Before a single component of a Facebook campaign is implemented, Agent Tech works with each client to devise a comprehensive overarching strategy to ensure that all activities are consistent with our client’s stated commercial objectives.

At this stage of the process, we identify the ideal audience to be targeted, in addition to the optimal messaging and creative requirements for the Facebook Ads themselves.

This phase of the process is critical in ensuring that our clients get outstanding value from their Facebook Advertising dollar from the very outset.


Once the strategy phase of the process is complete, Agent Tech commences the setup of the campaign within the relevent Digital Marketing platform.

All campaigns are established in a clear and consistent manner according to best practices, so our clients can rest assured knowing that no matter what happens, their Digital Marketing campaigns will always be accessible and understandable.

Review & Optimisation

The best digital marketers in the world know that the most profitable results for any campaign are generated through consistent review and optimisation.

At Agent Tech, we combine world-class data reporting with regular campaign review to constantly find opportunities to generate more leads for our clients at a lower Cost-Per-Lead.

This methodical, data-driven approach ensures that our clients are continually getting the most bang out of their digital marketing buck.

Results First.

Why Work With Us?


Unlike other agencies, at Agent Tech we don’t don’t dilute our focus by offering an exhaustive range of mediocre services.

We are totally focused on being the best in the world at one thing – Digital Marketing.

This laser-like focus has allowed us to develop our skills to world-class levels, and to stay on the cutting-edge of digital marketing strategies. For our clients, this means a critical advantage in staying ahead of their competition.


At Agent Tech, we understand that when it comes to your marketing dollar, only one thing matters – results.

Fancy strategies and technical complexity mean nothing if they don’t actually grow the profitability of your business.

Everything we do at Agent Tech is driven by the pursuit of strategies that generate a positive ROI for our clients’ Digital Marketing spend. This includes comprehensive performance reporting, and regular reviews to optimise campaigns and generate the lowest Cost-Per-Lead possible for our clients.


At Agent Tech, integrity and honesty are the guiding principles in everything that we do. We never engage in any dishonest, misleading, or deceptive activities on behalf of ourselves or our clients.

The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us, and our campaigns are always designed to be consistent with the policies of the platforms we operate on.

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